The Cutest Toddler Halloween Costumes of 2017

As a mother, one of my favorite memories when it came to each one of my children being a toddler, was picking out their costume. Since I currently have a toddler, I have the pleasure of picking out a toddler costume this year. Toddler Halloween costumes can be as easy as you would like them to be when it comes to picking them out. Usually toddlers can be easily persuaded if you master this trait, or have had a few toddlers to pick up on it.

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Either way, when it comes to toddler Halloween costumes, you can’t go wrong, unless you are one of those parents who pick out the creepiest costume for you little one. Like the two year old Chuckies, a little on the creepy side, but hey, your toddler probably has no clue just how creepy that doll is. All they care about is one important thing, CANDY.

Cutest Toddler Halloween Costumes of 2017 Lineup:

guardians of the galaxy groot toddler halloween costumesGuardians of the Galaxy Groot Toddler Halloween Costume found here at for $54.99. This adorable costume makes me want to go see this movie. There are more toddler Halloween costumes for other characters related to this movie as well. If you are going to be trick-or-treating in the cold, this one could be great for layering.

beast toddler halloween costumeBeast Toddler Halloween Costume found online here at for $49.99. Have you seen the Beauty and the Beast movie yet? If so, and your toddler has too, they may love the idea of being this character for Halloween. Another warm costume so you do not have to worry too much about your toddler getting cold.

star wars yoda toddler halloween costumesStar Wars Yoda Toddler Halloween Costume found online here at for $39.99. This classic will never get old. If you have passed down the Star Wars legacy to your little ones, well here you go, a well crafted Yoda costume. May the force be with you.

deluxe pikachu toddler halloween costumesDeluxe Pikachu Toddler Halloween Costume found here at for $19.99. Such a great deal for a popular costume. I still see people playing the Pokemon Go game at the park. Another classic you can’t go wrong with.

grease pink ladies jacket toddler halloween costumesGrease Pink Ladies Jacket Toddler Halloween Costume found online here at for $19.99. Another classic, great movie theme to go with. I can picture a cute little person dancing through the streets as they trick-or-treat, so cute.

corduroy horse toddler halloween costumesCorduroy Horse Toddler Halloween Costume found here at for $49.99. You can get away with dressing your child like this for so long, take advantage while you can. The pictures can last a lifetime and you can show them when they are older. Corduroy is adorable on any toddler.

back to the future doc brown toddler halloween costumeBack to the Future Doc Brown Toddler Halloween Costume found here at for $34.99. Usually you see Marty McFly, but sometimes we forget the mastermind behind it all, Doc Brown. This is a great character we can not forget about year after year. Any Back to the Future toddler Halloween costumes are going to be a hit people will enjoy seeing.

e.t. toddler halloween costumesE.T. Toddler Halloween Costume found here at for $39.99. My toddler loves this movie right now! So cute, I love it when I see a little E.T. waddling around Halloween night. If you have not seen this movie, you surely must.

ghostbusters toddler halloween costumesGhostbusters Toddler Halloween Costume found here at for $19.99. As soon as I saw this, immediately I thought of Bill Murray, does this little cutie look like him or what! With the newer movie recently coming out, the Ghostbusters toddler Halloween costumes are a fun idea for 2017.

mermaid toddler halloween costumesMermaid Toddler Halloween Costume found here at for $29.99. Ok, Ariel is my favorite ever so of course I have to include a mermaid. This costume is so pretty and classy, what toddler would not want to be a little mermaid for the evening.

sharkboy toddler halloween costumesSharkboy Toddler Halloween Costume found online here at for $44.99. All of my kids love this movie (Sharkboy and Lava Girl I believe). Never gets old and gives your toddler the power to be a vicious shark for the evening. How fun is that???

trolls poppy toddler halloween costumes dress with hood and fur hairTrolls Poppy Toddler Halloween Costume Dress with Hood and Fur Hair found here at Amazon for $36.99, plus it’s prime so get it quick if you are a member. With the Trolls movie that recently came out, any toddler who’s seen this movie would love to be this or any Trolls character when it comes to toddler Halloween costumes.

rubies paw patrol marshall toddler halloween costumesRubie’s PAW Patrol Marshall Toddler Halloween Costume found here at Amazon for only $12.48, plus prime. A song I can never get out of my head. This is not going away and you can find other toddler Halloween costumes for different characters from the show as well. It’s ok, they are cute so it’s all good.

flower garden gnome toddler halloween costumesFlower Garden Gnome Toddler Halloween Costume found online here from Amazon for $14.40, plus prime. Ok, I do not know the popularity these days when it comes to little gnomes, but I would so dress my toddler up in these costumes. They are so very cute and gnomes are little people, so are toddlers, so it works for toddler Halloween costumes.

smurfette toddler halloween costumesSmurfette Toddler Halloween Costume found here at Official Costumes for $15.99. Little blue toddlers, the cutest. You can’t go wrong with dressing your toddler in these costumes. Forget the candy, this little smurfette is ready to dance.

garden gnome toddler halloween costumesGarden Gnome Toddler Halloween Costume found here at Official Costumes for $34.99. Of course I had to add a gnome in for the little guys, or gals even, they can wear these toddler Halloween costumes too. The white beard is all too fun.

Aren’t you totally in love with all these toddler Halloween costumes, oh they are just the cutest! You can’t go wrong with which one you decide to pick. If you did not find one here, there are many more toddler Halloween costumes out there like superheroes, animals, movie characters, etc.

Need some more Halloween costumes ideas, check out my post for Clever Family or Friends Halloween Group Costumes here. You are sure to get some good ideas there to use as well. Pick and choose which pieces out of each group you would like to use. Be creative and have a happy Halloween!

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