Funny Gifts for a Friend – 10 Funny Gift Ideas

If you are having a difficult time finding a thoughtful gift for a friend, then think about getting funny gifts for that friend instead. It can be a challenge to find that perfect gift for your friend. Whenever I am stumped, I go the funny gifts route. You can also think of these as somewhat of a gag gift.

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Whether you are in need of a birthday gift, Christmas present, or a just because gift, you can’t go wrong with funny gifts. These can also be a great way to stay on budget. One little $5, $10, or $20 gift can bring a lot of joy to a friend. Priced so low you can put together a care package of all sorts of funny gifts in one.

Try to pay attention to your friend’s likes and hobbies. This can come in handy when selecting funny gifts for them. Even if you’re stumped here, you can still find something, don’t sweat it. Chances are if you find it funny, your friend probably will too. Now, when it comes to political or inappropriateness, etc., be careful and do not go this route unless you KNOW your friend is going to find it humorous.

Funny Gifts for a Friend:

sad t-rex clap your oh t shirt funny gifts for a friendSad T-Rex Clap Your Oh T-Shirt for $23 found online here from Goodie TwoSleeves. “If ur happy & u know it clap your…oh” t-shirt will be a huge hit with anyone you give it to. Poor t-rex and his short arms, the struggle is real. This site has lots of other funny shirts for men, women, and kids to choose from.

16 adult achievement stickers funny gifts for a friend16 Adult Achievement Stickers for $8.95 from online here at Amazon. Every one of these stickers can easily be used by all of us adults. From “I paid my bills on time” to “My plants are still alive” to ” I ate a salad”, and many more, they are so mood perfect. These stickers are perfect funny gifts for friends who enjoy posting selfies on social media.

Funny Gifts Grammar Coffee Mug for $10.99 found here on Etsy. I know a few friends right off the bat this would be perfect for and I am sure you do too. This is the first one I’ve seen like this. A truly unique one of the funny gifts not to be taken too seriously.

the farting animals coloring book funny gifts for a friendThe Farting Animals Coloring Book found online here at Amazon for only $4.86. Such a bargain for a thoughtfully hilarious book. As it says, this coloring book is “Cute + Silly”. Love this! Perfect for any one who needs to open the book up to relieve stress and have a laugh at the same time.

Accouterments Emergency Underpants for $5.54 found here at Amazon. I could not stop laughing when I saw this! This is great when it comes to funny gifts for a friend that laughs so hard, they wet their pants. I know you’ve heard this a few times, you probably can think of at least one person right now.

Ban.Do Work It Out Water Bottle found online here from ShopBob for $20. This is absolutely perfect for that friend who tries their best to work out, but cracks from time to time. Funny gifts are great to remind yourself you can cheat and eat the pizza every once in awhile. Make sure your friend knows this.

Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes for $5.30 found online here at Amazon. A funny gift for the friend who works in a laid back office or one who is in a household full of people (or roommates) that need a good laugh every once in awhile. I think of these funny gifts as a great stress reliever. Just tell your friend to start checking off the list.

bag of unicorn farts cotton candy funny gifts for a friendBag of Unicorn Farts (Cotton Candy) for $9.95 found online here at Amazon. Unicorns are awesome and whoever you give this to, will definitely appreciate it. Who knew they had “cotton candy” Unicorn farts in a bag, clever! I need to get me some of these funny gifts to give away.

llama lovers parking sign funny gifts for friendsLLAMA LOVERS Parking Sign for $8.99 found online here from Walmart. Who does not like Llamas, I can think of so many people who would love to get this gift. Even if your friend does not have a Llama, this makes a great sign to put up anywhere they need a funny reminder. Funny gifts and awesome animals, win win!

Awkward Family Photos 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar for $10.58 found online here at Amazon. Oh my goodness this is hilariously filled with photos to make your friend laugh daily. You could also get this for a family member too as is does say “Awkward” Family Photos. I’m sure this comes out every year so keep an eye out so you’ll have this gift idea year after year.

When all else fails, go the funny gifts route. You really can’t go wrong with humorous gifts. Sometimes you need a little extra help when you are absolutely stumped on what gift to get for a friend. If you need some more funny gifts for a friend ideas, check out my White Elephant post here and laugh away at them.

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