White Elephant Gift Idea Needed? Here’s 25 Brilliant Ideas!

One of the funniest things to do during the holiday season is attend a White Elephant Gift party. You can literally attend those without a care in the world type of gift. Whether you are getting for a co-worker, family member or friend, here are 25 white elephant gift ideas, some homemade and some you can find online for under or right around $20.

White Elephant Gift Idea – 25 Brilliant Ones:

I’m a White Elephant Gift Mug. This white elephant gift idea is handy but funny for the coffee or tea drinker. Give them a gift they can use any day of the week to remember that fun party they could not stop laughing at. It does state the obvious. Check it out now on Zazzle for $18.95, but check for a coupon code first because Zazzle ALWAYS has coupon codes you can use on your order.I’m a White Elephant Gift Mug White Elephant Gift IdeaSpecial Fake Poop White Elephant Gift Idea. A little disgusting, but if given to the right person, once they open, they won’t stop laughing since they think they’re opening chocolates! I’ve personally received this as a gag gift before and have kids, once I brought it home, they thought it was the best gift ever, yuck! But hilarious! You can get this off of eBay for $9.99.New Special Fake Poop White Elephant Gift IdeaWhite Elephant T-Shirt Gift Idea. Can’t go wrong with the white elephant t-shirt idea. Your receiver can wear the shirt as pajamas or at the next holiday party. You can find this shirt at Zazzle for $15.80, but check for a coupon code first because Zazzle ALWAYS has coupon codes you can use on your order.White Elephant T-Shirt White Elephant Gift IdeaElectric Shock Pen Toy White Elephant Gift Idea. These electric shock pens are so cheap, you can get everyone in the office one. Your receiver will think they are getting a pretty nifty gadget, but instead, it’s going to shock them! You can find this on eBay for only $1.10!Electric Shock Pen Toy White Elephant Gift IdeaIn Case you Get Crap for Christmas Embroidered Toilet Paper. So cute and clever, plus hilarious all in one. You can’t go wrong with this funny white elephant gift idea. You can find this gift on eBay for $4.99.In Case you Get Crap for Christmas Embroidered Toilet Paper White Elephant Gift IdeaRemote Controlled Fart Machine. Some kind of fart machine is really needed in every house or office. Sometimes you just need to let it rip! It’s amazing how this disgusting sound can make everyone laugh. You can find this on eBay for $22.77.New Remote Controlled Fart Machine White Elephant Gift Idea2016 Dog Pooping Calendar. You can’t resist the Pooping Pooches calendar! Ok maybe you can, but imagine the look on your receiver’s face when they open this gift and literally see a pooch pooping. I can’t stop laughing! You can find this gag gift at eBay for $14.99.2016 White Elephant Gift Idea Dog CalendarCanned Unicorn Meat White Elephant Gift Idea. There has to be someone you know, co-worker, friend, or family member who just loves unicorns. This white elephant gift is a little mean, but you have to admit, it’s a little funny too. You can find this gift on eBay for $14.96.Canned Unicorn Meat White Elephant Gift IdeaLittle VooDoo Doll Kit White Elephant Gift Idea. Maybe a little on the creepy side, but funny at the same time. This will certainly crack your receiver up! You can find this on eBay for $12.95.Little VooDoo Doll Kit White Elephant Gift IdeaFifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook. By now I bet you’ve heard of the “50 Shades of Grey” series, who doesn’t know this title right? Not only is the cookbook hilarious, but it’s very handy too. To give someone a funny white elephant gift that they can use, win win.Fifty Shades of Chicken A Parody in a Cookbook White Elephant Gift IdeaWine Walker Portable Wine Bag Flask. Many people drink wine these days whether it be red or white. This wine bag flask is both foldable & flexible, your receiver will be able to carry their favorite red or white wine with them.Wine Walker Portable Wine Bag Flask - Foldable & Flexible Pouch best for carrying Red or White Wine White Elephant Gift IdeaPrank Pack Blankeez. Have them unwrap your gift only to be disappointed, then when they open the box, it’s an awesome gift! Genius idea! You can find this on Amazon for only $7.29.Prank Pack Blankeez White Elephant Gift IdeaNeca 40054 A Christmas Story Nightlight Leg Lamp. What a perfect white elephant gift idea! I hope you’ve seen “Christmas Story” by now, if so you know exactly what I’m talking about. I think this is actually a pretty cool gift that can pass for a white elephant gift because it’s so funny.Neca 40054 A Christmas Story Nightlight Leg Lamp White Elephant Gift IdeaPotty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game. Anyone who enjoys golf would appreciate this fun gift. Now they can be occupied on the toilet with one of their favorite games. You can find this on Amazon for $20.78.Potty Putter Putting Mat Golf Game White Elephant Gift IdeaAccoutrements Bacon Body Wash. Who does not like bacon? Ok, so there are a few, but very few. Give the gift of bacon scented body wash. They may not actually use it, but to use it as a white elephant gift idea is perfect! You can find it on Amazon for $6.69.Accoutrements Bacon Body Wash White Elephant Gift Idea

10 Quick Homemade White Elephant Gift Ideas:

Because we all may run out of time to order white elephant gifts online, or even find one in the store, here are some quick homemade white elephant gift ideas you can come up with easily.

Framed photo of yourself. Grab an old picture frame you don’t use any more and stick a photo, preferably funny, in it of yourself, and maybe sign it to add to the funny.

DYI Coupon Book. For a co-worker you can make a coupon for a coffee run one day a month for a year, or if it’s for a family member you can do a coupon for a free bathroom clean coupon. You can come up with so much more creative ones, make them look festive and put them together. Done!

White Towel Elephant. Take a white towel, watch a video online of how to make it in the shape of an elephant.

Cold Hard Cash. Get some Tupperware or a container you can freeze, stick a $5 or however much you want to put in, put a sticky note that says “Cold Hard Cash” (because they may have no idea what you’re trying to do) then stick in the freezer with ice packs in it or ice cubes in a ziplock lock bag, and put it in the freezer until your white elephant party.

When Life Gives you Lemons. Take an empty Life cereal box and fill it with lemons.

Have a Root’n Toot’n Christmas! Wrap up a can of root beer soda with a can of pork and beans, stick a bow on top, attach the “Have a Roor’n Toot’n Christmas!” tag and you’re good to go!

Beets Headphones. You know the awesome Beats Headphones, as a gag gift you can tape (lots) cans of beets and attached them to a hard plastic headband you have lying around and bam!

Redneck Coffee Mug. Attach one of those smaller Folgers coffee containers to some kind of handle with super glue and there you have it!

Expert Level Jigsaw Puzzle. All you have to do is put some pencil shavings in a Ziploc baggie, seal, and attached a tag to it that says “Expert Level Jigsaw Puzzle”. Literally the never-ending gift.

Macaroni Portrait. Make a professional (yeah right) portrait of yourself or of the receiver by gluing pasta pieces on a piece of paper and making a frame to go around it. You can spray paint each one to make the pasta different colors.

Oh what fun you will have with these white elephant gift ideas! Whether for a co-worker, family, or friend, these gifts are appropriate and hilarious all around! Have fun!

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