17 Pinch Resistant St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts

It’s that time of year where Valentine’s Day has gone and passed, the next holiday that creeps up on us very quickly is St. Patrick’s Day. Oh what fun is this holiday without perfect St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts to go along with it. Whether you are Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is truly a wonderful holiday when you spend it with good spirits. One of the important parts of St. Patrick’s Day is resisting getting pinched, and you can avoid this of course by wearing green. All throughout the web, we have 17 clever, pinch resistant St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts sure to get your crowd’s approval.

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There are St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts for all different humor types below. Whether you are looking for funny, classic, clever, or even plain simple, you’re sure to find a hit if you keep scrolling. Leprechauns, unicorns, and even a little bit of Trump and more, make it a great day!

17 Pinch Resistant St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts

Freeze Kiss Me I'm Irish Emoji St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsFreeze “Kiss Me I’m Irish” Emoji Graphic Tee found online here from Kohl’s for $14.99. Emojis are in style and you mix them, such as the kissy face emoji, with St. Patrick’s Day, you have the perfect t-shirt for the occasion.Charmed Studded Graphic Logo Tee found here from New York & Co. for $16. Perfect for the star studded fashionistas who are looking to wear a cute pair of jeans or with a simple, but classy St. Patrick’s Day shirt. With the added studs to the shirt, you will be shimmering all night.

“This is my St. Patrick’s Day Shirt” in black fitted tee you can get here from Zulily for $9.99. Ok, a little lame, but that’s what makes this shirt funny. Although some may have a hard time finding the green, be sure to point out where it is so you do not get pinched. Great for those who try to breeze through the holiday.

Green I Love Shenanigans St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsI Love Shenanigans in green Fitted Womens Tee found here from Zulily for $9.99. Great for the simple lady who enjoys showing up in a pair of jeans and sneakers. A classic shirt others around you will admire, plus you should not get pinched, win!

Chaser Brand Happy Go Lucky St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsChaser Brand Happy Go Lucky Tee found on Shoptiques.com for $62. Totally hip and in style if you want to make a fashion statement, it’s perfect. Bold and has the green statement needed, “Happy Go Lucky”.

Freeze 24-7 Juniors Hashtag St Patricks Day Graphic High-Low St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsFreeze 24-7 #StPatricksDay Graphic High-Low T-Shirt found online from Macy’s for $24. Talk about #awesome! Another emoji look because they are totally taking over everything, match it with a hashtag, and there you go. Perfect #StPatricksDay for yourself!Disney Juniors Tsum Tsum 100 Percent Lucky Raglan St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsDisney Juniors Tsum Tsum 100% Lucky Raglan Graphic Tee found online from Kohl’s for $9.99. Tsum tsums are everywhere these days and if you do not know what they are, look them up. This tee is perfect for the child at heart. Perfect St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt to make the day a hit.

Freeze 24-7 Juniors Love St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsFreeze 24-7 Juniors Love St Patrick’s Day Graphic High-Low T-Shirt found here at Macy’s for $24. Oh yes, another emoji, you better believe it. A more cutesy look for St. Patrick’s Day that will bring lots of cheer to the group.Womens St Patricks Day Lucky Charm Ringer Tee Fifth Sun St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsSt Patrick’s Day Lucky Charm Ringer Tee Fifth Sun found online here at Target for $12.99. I just love this look in general. A laid back, nice t-shirt that goes perfectly with a pair of jeans and sneakers. You can get away with this shirt really anywhere you go.Sparkling Shamrocks St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsSparkling Shamrocks Graphic Logo Tee from New York & Co. for $16. A lovely, sophisticated look to keep the day or evening classy. Also a great look for those who are not a fan of wearing green. Black can be much easier to wear for sure.

Boondock Saints Prayer Irish St Patrick’s Day Gaelic Pride T-Shirt found here on eBay for $18. A true classic perfect for the occasion. If you have not yet seen this movie, you might want to look in to it. Most who see you wearing this out to the bars will probably toss you a comment or two.

Irish Mermaid St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsIrish Mermaid T-Shirt from online here at ebay for $6.99. An Irish Mermaid, doesn’t that sound pleasant? I would say and would totally sport this t-shirt for St. Patrick’s day. This one I have to admit is my favorite of the St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts, I love mermaids!

Leprecons Irish St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsLeprecons Irish St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt from eBay for $9.99. When I saw this t-shirt, I immediately loved it. Both awesome and clever, this one is sure to be a huge hit wherever you go. Mixing transformers with leprechauns, who knew it’d be a hit?

Lepricorn Leprechaun Unicorn St. Patrick’s Day T-Shirts
Lepricorn Leprechaun Unicorn St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt from eBay for $11.95. Another awesome combination with a unicorn and leprechaun! I would definitely have to add this one to my cool t-shirts, love the unicorns!Threadrock Mens Trump Make St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsThreadrock Trump Make St. Patrick’s Day Great Again T-Shirt from eBay for $18.25. You may love him, hate him, or not even care, but one thing for sure, the saying kind of sticks with anything you can pair it to, including St. Patrick’s Day. Have fun with it!Panoware Women's St Patricks Day T-Shirt Good Irish Girls are Made of Jameson on Ice St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsPanoware Women’s St Patrick’s Day T-Shirt “Good Irish Girls are Made of Jameson on Ice” found here on Amazon for $16.88. A great conversation starter for sure, probably more than the other St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts. Make your shirt a hit and sport this one while going party to party or bar hopping. We can all pretend to be Irish for the day right???

Maternity St. Patrick's Day Baby Skeleton Funny Pregnancy Announcement St. Patrick’s Day T-ShirtsMaternity St. Patrick’s Day Baby Skeleton Funny Pregnancy Announcement T-Shirt from Amazon for $20.99. I had to include this adorable mother to be shirt for my St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts line-up! If you are going to be pregnant for St. Patrick’s Day, this t-shirt is a must indeed.

I’m thinking that sums up a big part of this holiday, which is finding St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts to keep you safe from the pinches. Plus throw in great spots around town to hang out with good company, and you have yourself a great holiday. Until next time!

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